The background of Focallure company !!!

The background of Focallure company

The background of Focallure

Focallure is founded in 2016 and launched many offline, online, wholesale and distribution business. In 2018, this organization expanded their business through out china and export their products.

Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Bangladesh, these country’s ‘s audiences are the target consumers for them. Since their product is reasonable anyone can afford their products. Lower middle class and middle class consumers are love to purchase their products.

On the other hand, their products quality are also very good. So, higher middle class consumers are also like to purchase their products as well. Their research and development team is very efficient.

For this reason, they always provide the updated version of their product lines. Each versions are better than the previous version. In 2021, they collaborate with the Pink Flash BD.

This is the concern project Frame Crafts. This organization help them to increase and enhance their sales. Recently, this organization is starting to provide the most efficient to the north America market. In addition, this organization also receives 10M $ funding in Series A investment.

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